Free 7 grams of Banana Haze

Free 7 gram bag of Banana Haze (sativa-hybrid) when you purchase 14 grams or more of Banana Haze. Offer valid ONE free 7 gram per patient. While supplies last, not applicable with other offers or discounts.

Relief ChoicesFree 7 grams of Banana Haze

Roll-On Pain Stick

A convenient essential oil roll-on stick for all the benefits of pain relief to travel with you. Relief for sore muscles, tendons, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff joints and much more. Works great! Almond oil carrier infused with cannabis.

Relief ChoicesRoll-On Pain Stick

New Mistic Spray Bottle Design

NEW GLASS BOTTLE DESIGN. NO LEAKS.   $25 for one ounce bottles Available in 1 and 2 ounce alcohol-based, activated cannabis spray bottles. As most know, the most common way to administer marijuana as a medicinal supplement has been through smoking it. This is because the effects are usually instant and because it allows the patient to self-regulate the amount …

Relief ChoicesNew Mistic Spray Bottle Design

Preferred Method of Ingestation

After a short questionnaire was responded by over 1000 patients, the results are in. My preferred method to ingest cannabis is: Vaporize 14.3% Smoke 72.7% Eat 8.1% Drink 0.0% Topical <1% Pills / Capsules <1% Other 2.3% No Responses 1.1%

Relief ChoicesPreferred Method of Ingestation

Confidential Patient Survey

Take part in our brief, confidential patient survey. Your responses will remain anonymous but will help us to deliver you greater quality, service and savings. TAKE SURVEY>>

Relief ChoicesConfidential Patient Survey

Everyday Low Priced Quality Strains

Take a look at our $10 and $15 shelves and notice quality medication at reduced pricing.

Relief ChoicesEveryday Low Priced Quality Strains
Green C

Free gram when you purchase 7 or more

Free gram when you purchase 7 grams or more from our $20 shelf only. Qualifying patients only.

Relief ChoicesFree gram when you purchase 7 or more
rso capsules

RSO Products

Have you experienced our Essential RSO products? We have capsules and syringes of 70%THC concentrated cannabis. RSO oil has been known to provide amazing medical benefits. Try some today.

Relief ChoicesRSO Products

35% CBD Oil

We offer Hemp Well CBD rich oil. Hemp Well oil has 35% CBD and is available in one and two ounce bottles. Vegetable oil base infused with the highest CBD content known to exist. Get a bottle today or visit and learn more.

Relief Choices35% CBD Oil